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Shards of Alesya

Raven & Niku
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Shards of Alesya

Beyond the known and what our simple senses can divine, there lies another world. It is a world where the forced of magic have been at war for millennia. Our world is the prize… and the battleground. Fighting for Mortals, for our very world and survival, are the Four: the mighty High Lords of the Fae; Light, Life, Darkness, and even Death.

Against them are all the powers of evil and destruction arrayed. Light and Darkness have been reborn into Mortal form, awaiting the day when they will Awaken to their true forms, while Life and Death battle to keep them from the hands of those who would use them to destroy all mankind. They have left the ancient Faery homeland of Alesya to be the Guardians of ours.

Step into the epic battle between good and evil… into the Shards of Alesya.


Rain O'Leary is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl, or so she thinks. She always believed all the Faery tales she grew up on were just that... tales. That is, until she goes walking in the cemetery after dark one night. She now finds herself drawn into spiraling darkness and the plots of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the Faery, as well as a dreaded fate that could spell the end of everything she loves. Her only hope seems to be a beautiful and mysterious emerald eyed boy, and a pair of Light Fae who hold the answers she so desperately needs. It is up to Rain and the forces of good to learn the truth… before it's too late.

Heaven's Falling

Where are Life and Death, now gone?
Whispered winds, there’s something wrong.

This race, to stop all things from ending,
A deadly truth, no mere pretending.

Shadows stirred by Mortal hands,
Trouble brews in Faery lands.

Perilous clock the hour calls,
Until it is that Heaven falls.

The Avatars of Death and Darkness have been taken... but by whom and unto where, no one knows. The key to this mystery may lie in the hands of a Mortal girl who is anything but ordinary, but who knows nothing about the world of Alesya, or the Faery. With Rain and Echo gone to the City to search for answers, the others have troubles of their own.

The Unseelie are skattered, but anything but broken, even after the epic battle last winter. Meg, Beccah, and Ren have done their best to pick up the pieces, but without the Avatars, and with Lord Byron's eternal apathy, their task is not an easy one. When young girls start to go missing, and an ancient Brotherhood arrives on their doorstep, things only get worse.

When events begin to spiral out of control and the fate of hundreds of besieged Earth Fae looks dire, Alesya itself seems to be fracuturing and the tenuious peace of the Seelie Court with it. A new force thretens to utterly destroy the Faery... unless someone can discover what it is, and if it can be stopped.