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Shards of Alesya [entries|friends|calendar]
Raven & Niku

The Avatars of Death and Darkness have been taken... but by whom and unto where, no one knows. The key to this mystery may lie in the hands of a Mortal girl who is anything but ordinary, but who knows nothing about the world of Alesya, or the Faery. With Rain and Echo gone to the City to search for answers, the others have troubles of their own.

The Unseelie are skattered, but anything but broken, even after the epic battle last winter. Meg, Beccah, and Ren have done their best to pick up the pieces, but without the Avatars, and with Lord Byron's eternal apathy, their task is not an easy one. When young girls start to go missing, and an ancient Brotherhood arrives on their doorstep, things only get worse.

When events begin to spiral out of control and the fate of hundreds of besieged Earth Fae looks dire, Alesya itself seems to be fracuturing and the tenuious peace of the Seelie Court with it. A new force thretens to utterly destroy the Faery... unless someone can discover what it is, and if it can be stopped.

KoRn , Evanescence, Ambeon, Static X, Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, VNV Nation, The Killers, DJ Mystic , Delerium , Faithless , L'Ame Immortalle, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, Jem
Lord of the Rings, Pirate s of the Caribbean, Underworld, Queen of the Damned, Edward Scissorhands, Labyrinth, Legend, Hellboy, Harry Potter, The Chronicales of Riddick, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, The Fifth Element, Sin City
Beck, Get Backers, Chrno Crusade, Vampire Hunter D, X/ 1999, Naruto, Shaman King, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Record of Lodoss War, Macross Plus
Lord of the Rings, A Game of Thrones, Dragon Prince, Some Place to be Flying, The Deepest Sea, Harry Potter, Dune, The Dreaming Tree, The Chronicales of Narnia
Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Onimusha, Tekken 3, Soul Blade, Settlers of Catan, D&D, Final Haven, Fate

+ Layout Design:Raven O'Shea
+ Image Source: Kyla Sturgeon
+ Brushes:Hybrid Genesis

This layout was coded and designed by Raven O'Shea. No part of the code or image may be redistributed, copied, changed, or used without written concent of either her. Love is free, so respect it and don't rip. Thanks.

Where are Life and Death, now gone?
Whispered winds, there’s something wrong.

This race, to stop all things from ending,
A deadly truth, no mere pretending.

Shadows stirred by Mortal hands,
Trouble brews in Faery lands.

Perilous clock the hour calls,
Until it is that Heaven falls.

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Calling out around the world [
Dec 18th // 2008 @ 10:52am]

*waves*  Hello faithful SoA folk!

We've had some intermittent activity over at the forums, and I've been guilty myself of being busy and involved in a number of other projects.  We have a few suggestions, though, if you miss the world of SoA and want to come back to play...

New informal RP thread: Devlin and Meg have finally gotten their apartment together (set around the end of Book 2, so all previously incarcerated or vanished characters are back in play), and are throwing a housewarming/holiday party.  Please bring an offering of a sweet treat, preferably involving chocolate, and your best manners, because there are some unexpected guests at the party, and who knows what kind of havoc might arise.

New All-Media Challenge: The world of SoA needs a little music, and we know you all have the imagination to fix the problem.  Design a CD cover, write a bio or playlist for the hot new Alesyan band, tell us what the DJ's are saying all around that sleepy New England town about the otherworldly musicians topping the charts, or record a bit of Fae music and post it for us all to enjoy!

Movie Reviews: Like or loathe Twilight?  Wish they'd hurry up with Harry Potter?  Had your fill of depressing World War II movies, except for that really memorable one?  Wishing for a pile of dvd's for the holidays?  Chat with us about movies over in General Mayhem.

Calling All Elemental Fae [
Jan 21st // 2007 @ 9:00pm]

Calling All Elemental Fae!

The princes of Light and Dark are beseiged by the rising powers of an ancient evil. Connery, the Avatar of Good, has woken to Hunt his immortal enemy, Rall, Avatar of Evil, and the Seelie are once more caught in the crossfire. To raise the forces of the four elements, strength from all Fae is needed, and the call goes out from Adion's Fall--

No matter what experience you have playing in the world of Shards of Alesya, you are needed to join the RPG to quest for the Four Towers of the Elements and aid in the Hunt.

Check in at the forums and join us!

Shards of Alesya Joins Facebook [
Oct 21st // 2006 @ 6:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

If you are on Facebook, Shards of Alesya now has an official newsgroup there as well! Join the group and spread the word here:


[ Chapter 3 ] [
Oct 19th // 2006 @ 4:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Chapter 3 of book 2 is done and posted at: the main site, the forum, and on DA. Go enjoy it!

Also: SoA now has a Myspace. Please be sure to friend it if you also have a Myspace. Hopefuly, we can get the word out. ^_^

Just a note [
Sep 26th // 2006 @ 10:59am]

I've revamped and updated the LJ community... and the layout you see there will also be the layout used on the site (as soon as I get it coded and such). With any luck, I'll be able to use the same layout and theme for the MySpace account I'm working on getting set up.

If you have an LJ, maks sure you're a member of the commuity, and that you get the word out. I'll be updating the community journal more often from now on. ^_^

[ Tearlin L/O ] [
Jan 6th // 2006 @ 11:04am]

Here is the override information for this layout. I do not require that you host the images yourself, but DO require that you leave the layout information ALONE. Thanks and Enjoy!


SoA LJ Layouts [
Jan 5th // 2006 @ 9:36am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Since I have been a very naughty Raven and not gotten a lot of work done, here's a treast for ya all, should you like it. A Rain lj layout for free accounts. The code and extras are in the first post of the layout. Feel free to just plug and play, no need to change the URLs or anything. Remember, for this layout to work, you have to have a website listed in your info, and have your journal set to generator.

I should have some more fun stuff for you come this weekend. Icons, and probably two or three more layouts for LJ as well. Call it a late holiday gift and an appology for leaving you stranded for so very long.

Also, remember that there are a lot of fun events going on at the forum, so if you havn't stopped by, please do. Tearlin's Solstice Ball is still in full swing and we would love to see everyone there!

SoA: Book II _ Prologue [
Jan 5th // 2006 @ 12:37am]

As most, if not all, of you know, I just finished my first book 'Shards of Alesya: Awakenings' a few months ago. Since then I've been about editing it and getting it ready for a publisher. Today, unable to contain it, the rest of Book II: Haven's Falling's prologue came spilling out. Apparently, Rain was anxious to be about looking for the boys. *grin*

So, here it is, the first part of Book IICollapse )

Roll Call [
Oct 23rd // 2005 @ 2:59pm]

If any of you are still active on the SoA forums or would like to become active, please drop by the Roll Call thread and let us know. We'd also like to know what you'd like to see to get the community up and moving again.


SoA Quiz Fun! [
Feb 23rd // 2005 @ 8:09am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I made a SoA quiz on Quizilla. See which of the cannon characters you are most like!

my resultsCollapse )

"The Beauty of their Dreams" [
Feb 10th // 2005 @ 9:39pm]

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Most recent in a string of disappearances, the newborn child of one of the Watchers' strongest seers has been kidnapped, and the Watchers suspect the actions of the Scarlet Order. They are appealing to the Seelie for assistance for a joint rescue mission...

Come to the SoA boards at (http://www.miumu.com/boards/index.php?mforum=ShardsofAlesya&showtopic=206&st=0&#entry1802) and join the quest. RP'ers of all skills are welcome, especially newcomers, to hone their writing and build their characters, and have fun in Raven's world!

Vel's Valentine Ball [
Feb 1st // 2005 @ 8:07am]

...Is now open to all Fae and Watchers and Other of good character! Come and enjoy a bit of music and laughter on the SoA boards.

SoA: Chapter 25 [
Jan 23rd // 2005 @ 8:22am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Chapter 25: Many Meetings IICollapse )

Lookie, lookie... [
Jan 22nd // 2005 @ 11:25am]

[ mood | amused ]

We have a new layout! Err... not new as far as SoA goes, as we've had this lovely layout for some time, but I thought it would be nice to have the newsgroup match the SoA mainsite. I think I'm going to overhaul the forum too so that all three are in sync.

I know the image map only takes you to the html pages... and not within the frame of the main site. I'm not sure how to get it to work in the iframe and only go to that page. >.<

Hope you guys like the look, I'm much more pleased with it than our old one. ^_^

Short Story Contest [
Jan 22nd // 2005 @ 5:38pm]

Velorum and Rain Plot Bunny getting on your nerves? Classic joke you really wish you could watch Echo spring on Tear?

Share your stories with us on the SoA forum by February 7th, halfway through the Valentine's Ball (Feb 1-14), and get a chance for fame and fortune! We will open a poll for voting during the ball, and Raven will make the final decision in case of ties. (All other mods and admins are free to participate, as they won't be part of the final judging.)

Most True to Canon
Most Romantic

Winners will get a journal from the SoA shop. Runners up will get a custom user title on the boards and everyone who participates will be featured on the shardsofalesya.net main page.

Feel free to enter any of the categories as many times as you like, so let the inspiration flow!

From the SoA Boards...(1) [
Jan 20th // 2005 @ 7:57pm]

How would an Air Fae counter an offensive led by a Fire Fae? How could a leader of the Watchers organize an ambush, or what strategy would allow an elemental Fae to escape a Prince?

There are a few cardinal rules about RPG's:
1) Nothing but fighting is majorly boring.
2) Well-written rpg'ing is much more interesting to read.
3) RP'ers who know each other and each other's writing, plotting, and fighting styles are more likely to be able to write a cohesive story.

All of which leads me to conclude that
4) Practice is a good thing.

We all like rpg's better when they're well conceived, well led, and well written. It's more fun for everyone. And it's immense fun that Raven lets us play in the world she's created...but so much of what we do is written with as many questions behind it as definite knowledge. Every Tolkien fan knows how an elf will draw bow before engaging in close combat, and that a dwarf loves his axe more than his mother. But what are the strengths of the Watchers working as a team? They must, as a highly trained organization, have techniques and strategies they can use and adapt, to take advantage of each person's specialties. What exactly are the capabilities of an Earth or Water Fae, and how does his or her personality affect the style of his or her thinking and acting under stress or an unexpected situation?

So I was thinking, it would be fun to set up one or a few practice rp's, completely unrelated to the storyline which Raven has outlined for the current rp's, more along the line of Watcher training sessions, perhaps a quest, even an Unseelie version of the same ideas (so the bad guys get equal treatment *laugh*). Experienced and inexperienced rp'ers would all be welcome, with the understanding that we're all trying the limits of an rp style to fit the universe Raven has created.

What do people think? Who would be interested in running/participating in such a thing? (Other than me, or I wouldn't have offered...)

Season's Greetings [
Dec 22nd // 2004 @ 2:43pm]

I just wanted to wish everyone Season's Greetings. We come from all walks of life, and from all over the world. But, we are joined in the love for an idea: that there is magic in the world, and the impossible is real. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

Chapter 23: The Avatar of Nightmare [
Dec 8th // 2004 @ 7:19am]

Chapter 23Collapse )

Chapter 22: The Fall of Erin's Son [
Dec 8th // 2004 @ 7:09am]

Chapter 22Collapse )

Chapter 21- The Eleventh Hour [
Dec 8th // 2004 @ 6:50am]

Chapter 21Collapse )

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