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Lokei - a little mischief now and then

Calling out around the world

*waves*  Hello faithful SoA folk!

We've had some intermittent activity over at the forums, and I've been guilty myself of being busy and involved in a number of other projects.  We have a few suggestions, though, if you miss the world of SoA and want to come back to play...

New informal RP thread: Devlin and Meg have finally gotten their apartment together (set around the end of Book 2, so all previously incarcerated or vanished characters are back in play), and are throwing a housewarming/holiday party.  Please bring an offering of a sweet treat, preferably involving chocolate, and your best manners, because there are some unexpected guests at the party, and who knows what kind of havoc might arise.

New All-Media Challenge: The world of SoA needs a little music, and we know you all have the imagination to fix the problem.  Design a CD cover, write a bio or playlist for the hot new Alesyan band, tell us what the DJ's are saying all around that sleepy New England town about the otherworldly musicians topping the charts, or record a bit of Fae music and post it for us all to enjoy!

Movie Reviews: Like or loathe Twilight?  Wish they'd hurry up with Harry Potter?  Had your fill of depressing World War II movies, except for that really memorable one?  Wishing for a pile of dvd's for the holidays?  Chat with us about movies over in General Mayhem.

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