Lokei - a little mischief now and then (lokei) wrote in shardsofalesya,
Lokei - a little mischief now and then

Calling All Elemental Fae

Calling All Elemental Fae!

The princes of Light and Dark are beseiged by the rising powers of an ancient evil. Connery, the Avatar of Good, has woken to Hunt his immortal enemy, Rall, Avatar of Evil, and the Seelie are once more caught in the crossfire. To raise the forces of the four elements, strength from all Fae is needed, and the call goes out from Adion's Fall--

No matter what experience you have playing in the world of Shards of Alesya, you are needed to join the RPG to quest for the Four Towers of the Elements and aid in the Hunt.

Check in at the forums and join us!
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