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SoA LJ Layouts

Since I have been a very naughty Raven and not gotten a lot of work done, here's a treast for ya all, should you like it. A Rain lj layout for free accounts. The code and extras are in the first post of the layout. Feel free to just plug and play, no need to change the URLs or anything. Remember, for this layout to work, you have to have a website listed in your info, and have your journal set to generator.

I should have some more fun stuff for you come this weekend. Icons, and probably two or three more layouts for LJ as well. Call it a late holiday gift and an appology for leaving you stranded for so very long.

Also, remember that there are a lot of fun events going on at the forum, so if you havn't stopped by, please do. Tearlin's Solstice Ball is still in full swing and we would love to see everyone there!
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