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How would an Air Fae counter an offensive led by a Fire Fae? How could a leader of the Watchers organize an ambush, or what strategy would allow an elemental Fae to escape a Prince?

There are a few cardinal rules about RPG's:
1) Nothing but fighting is majorly boring.
2) Well-written rpg'ing is much more interesting to read.
3) RP'ers who know each other and each other's writing, plotting, and fighting styles are more likely to be able to write a cohesive story.

All of which leads me to conclude that
4) Practice is a good thing.

We all like rpg's better when they're well conceived, well led, and well written. It's more fun for everyone. And it's immense fun that Raven lets us play in the world she's created...but so much of what we do is written with as many questions behind it as definite knowledge. Every Tolkien fan knows how an elf will draw bow before engaging in close combat, and that a dwarf loves his axe more than his mother. But what are the strengths of the Watchers working as a team? They must, as a highly trained organization, have techniques and strategies they can use and adapt, to take advantage of each person's specialties. What exactly are the capabilities of an Earth or Water Fae, and how does his or her personality affect the style of his or her thinking and acting under stress or an unexpected situation?

So I was thinking, it would be fun to set up one or a few practice rp's, completely unrelated to the storyline which Raven has outlined for the current rp's, more along the line of Watcher training sessions, perhaps a quest, even an Unseelie version of the same ideas (so the bad guys get equal treatment *laugh*). Experienced and inexperienced rp'ers would all be welcome, with the understanding that we're all trying the limits of an rp style to fit the universe Raven has created.

What do people think? Who would be interested in running/participating in such a thing? (Other than me, or I wouldn't have offered...)
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